2018 Winter Bookings

The 2018 Winter tariffs are listed in the follow sections. Priority bookings for financial members open on the 1st March, 2018.

Please note that bookings will only be taken if subscriptions for the year have been paid.

Booking forms can be downloaded here. All bookings must enclose the full tariff.

The arrival time for members and guests is not before 12:00pm. Departure time on Saturday must be before 9:00am to allow for cleaning of the lodge prior to the arrival of the following weeks guests. Should members wish to ski on their Saturday departure day, they will need to make other arrangements. Baggage should not be left in the lodge and use of the lodge after 9:00am on departure day is not permitted.

Kids Week

There are three kids weeks in 2018 whereby children under 5 years of age are permitted to stay at the lodge with their parents.

Kids week 1 will be the week commencing 30 June 2017.
Kids week 2 will be the week commencing 1 September 2017.
Kids week 3 will be the week commencing 8 September 2017.

Note (re rates for kids week only):

All children under 2 years of age are free.
Children of members aged 2, until they turn 5 may stay at half the member rate.
Children of non-members aged 2, until they turn 5 may stay at half the non-member rate.
Children of members aged 5 and over stay at the full member rate.
Children of non-members aged 5 and over stay at the full non-member rate.

2018 Winter Rates


Members children under the age of 18 may stay at the members rate.
Members children aged 18, until they turn 21 may stay at the concession rate.
Members children who are still students aged 21, until they turn 25 may stay at the concession rate.
Members children (non-students) who have reached the age of 21 are subject to the full non-member rate.

Copies of Student ID may be required with bookings.

  Full Week
(Sat-Sat, 7 nights)
6 nights
(in same week)
5 nights
(in same week)
4 nights
(in same week)
3 nights
(in same week)
2 nights
(in same week)
1 night
Peak From: 21 July 2018 - 25 August 2018
Member 450 450 450 385 315 225 150
Concession 600 600 600 510 420 300 200
Non-member 1020 1020 1020 865 715 510 340
Standard From: 30 June 2018 - 21 July 2018 and 25 August 2018 - 1 September 2018
Member 360 360 360 305 250 180 120
Concession 480 480 480 410 335 240 160
Non-member 920 920 920 780 645 460 305
Shoulder From: 9 June 2018 - 30 June 2018 and 1 September 2018 - End of Season
Member 295 295 295 250 205 150 100
Concession 395 395 395 335 275 200 130
Non-member 765 765 765 650 535 385 255

Booking Priorities

Booking priorities are in the following order:

  • Member
  • Member and up to three guests (whether family or otherwise)
  • Member's family
  • Other guests

There are only 22 places available for each week.

Priority Winter bookings for members (and up to three of their guests) commence on 1st March and are dealt with on a first come first served basis. We therefore recommend members get their bookings in as early as possible in March. Member's family will be prioritised during school holidays.

Please note that our lease only permits 22 people staying at the lodge at any one time. Contravention of our lease obligations in this regard represents a serious breach and the Board reserves the right to terminate the membership of a member responsible for such a breach of our lease requirements.

Members are reminded that where they have recommended non-member friends to stay at the lodge but will not be staying at the lodge at the same time, they remain responsible for the actions of those guests including any breach of the lease terms mentioned above.

Booking Cancellations

If bookings are cancelled 21 days or more in advance of your first day of stay, a cancellation fee of $100 (per person) or cost of the booking, whichever is the lower, will be charged. If winter bookings are cancelled with less that 21 days notice, the full tariff will be forfeited except for when the accommodation is re-let in which case the cancellation fee will apply.

Linen Service

Included in the Winter tariff is a linen service which provides sheets, pillowslips and towels. This service is included in the winter tariffs only. Club linen is not available during the Summer tariff period.


To assist the Booking Secretary in allocating your booking times, alternate dates, where possible, should be included on your booking form. This process provides accommodation for as many members as possible during the ski season.

Please note that bookings will only be accepted from members who have paid their annual subscriptions. These should now have been paid.

Booking forms can now be submitted in one of two ways:

1) By Mail – send completed form with cheque to the P.O. Box 57, Killara NSW 2071. A cheque (one per booking) for the full tariff payable must accompany all bookings to ensure quick and easy processing.

Bookings cannot be confirmed by the booking secretary until the full tariff has been received.

2) By email – send completed form via email to bookings@karralika.com, payments to be made by direct deposit.

When you submit your booking form via email, please await confirmation from the booking secretary before depositing funds.

When depositing funds, please remember to include your Bank Reference Number from your Membership Record (the same number you use when paying subs). The Reference Number should match the member name on the booking.

One direct deposit per booking.

Should you have any queries regarding bookings, the booking secretary can be contacted by email on bookings@karralika.com

Karralika Ski Club Co-Operative Limited
P.O. Box 57, Killara, NSW 2071, AUSTRALIA